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©Paul Reinert Notre Dame
©Paul Reinert Notre Dame

Originally from Chagrin Falls Ohio, and raised on the east coast I started in Photography by taking a class at the Garden City Senior High School on Long Island, NY. A class I took simply by chance, taught by Mr. Richard Boucher a successful commercial photographer from the Southwest.

From the basics and my dad's old Kodak this developed into a serious hobby with a home darkroom and a Nikon F2SB. After a move and graduating my senior year from Quintano's School in New York City I went on to study photography professionally at the Germain School of photography in Lower Manhattan on Broadway across from Park Row and City Hall in 1980.

After completing Commercial Studio certifications in large format photography, 4x5 and 8x10 view cameras I studied at the School of Visual Arts and the New School.
My first position followed at a Studio in Lower Manhattan in the photo District, 17th Street just off 5th Avenue.

The artistic and technical side of photography and the Darkroom is of great interest to me, but it wasn't as a profession. This drove me out of photography ending up with a culinary career as a pastry chef at the Pierre Hotel on 5th Avenue. After being dormant some eighteen years I've returned to photography now with Leica's to pursue my interest in it strictly as it originally did.

Museum going led me back to my initial inspirations of the early photographers of the 1800's.

My work centers around photographing the beautiful old European style architecture in NY that is fast disappearing. The Architecture of France, Botanicals, close-ups, Black & Whites, and nature photographs are well represented in the catalog.
There is much more, contact me for special requests or a viewing.

I use Leica, Rolleiflex, and Large Format cameras and all my work originates on photographic film and my prints represent the subject just as it was recorded in nature.

Form, light, contrast and color are what guide me in my quest of Photographic perfection.

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