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On this one page you'll find what inspires me most in the world of photography.
I've assembled some great links of the early photographers of the 19th Century which are my main interests - to the greatest of the 20th Century
Also some great links to the museum collections Getty & the Metropolitan for example that house them.

My favorite Photographic Web Site, is a real beauty in design and photographic history,

which is about the invention of Photography & it's inventor Nicéphore Niépce.
Leave it to the French to create a site this beautiful, and it's in English.

Now on to the museums where you can find a enormous amount of info on the photographic process
and some of my favorite photographers collections:


Victoria & Albert Museum's Photographic Processes Page- definitions:
Photographic Processes all in one spot with examples of each.

Getty Museum Photographs Department

Metropolitan Museum of Art (early French Photography) etc.

MoMA Photography Collection (search-able)

Some of my favorite Photographers of the 1800's

Édouard-Denis BaldusÉdouard-Denis Baldus

Eugene Atget link Eugene Atget

Gustav Le Grey

Felix Taynard "Along the Nile" Felix Teynard, Maxime Du Camp Metropoloting Museum link: "Along the Nile: Early Photographs of Egypt"

Alfred Stieglitz @ Getty Museum Alfred Stieglitz


Of interest for photographers are the following links:


the Photoattorney blog is interesting, sometimes funny, on everything and anything legal concerning photography great forums and info on B/W Film and Darkroom Photography, Large Format Photography etc


my blog with current gallery showings and interesting photo things

My Saatchi Art profile

my personnel favorites page: selections of my own favorite photos by theme & location


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